Posi-Products Taps & Butts


Posi-Tap is for tapping wires.

Posi-Lock is for butting two wires together.

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Posi-Products, the best connector you’ll ever use!  They are great for tapping or butt connecting wires.  Simple to use and reusable, Posi-Products keep your wiring clean and simple.  No crimping required.  If you mess up, just unscrew it and try again.  Easily disconnect components such as gauge panels or other wiring without having to cut the wires again!

Posi-Taps allow you to make great taps on wires and do not cut wires like Scotch-locks.  Great for tapping off of your Chevrolet HEI distributor tach signals or rev limiters.  Use anywhere you need to “T” off of another wire for power or ground.

Posi-Locks are butt connectors that do not require crimping.  Simply strip the wires and screw them down into the connector.  Easily unscrew and remove.  Use them to wire your gauge panels, lightning or anywhere you need to connect two wires together.

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