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Drag Racers: Order the 16v step down WITHOUT connectors for your 12 volt gauge cluster. We also highly recommend using Posi-Products Posi-Locks (Yellow 12ga) to splice two wires together and Posi-Taps (Yellow 12ga) to tap into existing wiring without damaging the wire. These are easily removed and re-used.

The voltage step down is used when you need to drop voltage down to 12 volts for our LED undercar kits or 12 volt gauge clusters.  We offer a few options that work on 16 volt, 24 volt and 110 volt systems and with or without connectors.  The 110 volt step down has a standard, U.S. 3-prong plug to plug directly into your outlet.

With connectors comes with WeatherPack connectors pre-terminated on the wires so it will directly plug-and-play with our LED undercar kits.  Without connectors leaves you with bare wires, pre-tinned with soldier, so you can make your own connections as required.  We recommend picking up some Posi-Products Taps or Butt Connectors if you are getting this without connectors to make wire splicing easy!

If you are purchasing the Deluxe Dirt Late Model Undercar kit you will need the extra step down harness to be able to connect both sets of LED lights to the step down box.

[box type=”info”]Installation Instructions – LED Kit w/ 16v/24v step down (PDF)[/box]

For the 110v/220v step down box the LED strip plugs directly into the step down.  The toggle switch, wiring harness and power wire are not used when the 110v/220v step down is used.  The LED will light up once the step down is plugged in.


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