Commercial Solutions

At LED Foot Products we have LED solutions for the commercial customer.  We have developed several custom LED solutions for different applications and enjoy the unique challenges each has presented.

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Tufting Machine LED Kit

Our Tufting Machine LED kits is installed wherever you need light and can be adapted to any industrial machine. This machine has two of our 12′ LED kits. One is under the machine so the operator can see the needle blocks. The other is mounted on the front side of the machine behind the carpet to catch quality issues quickly and efficiently.
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Stretch Film Machine Lighting

The same LED modules used in your tufting machine LED kit can also be adapted for other industrial machines. This kit was installed into a Hollowrap CGA stretch wrap converting machine, and coupled with our voltage step down the kit was able to connect directly into the machine’s onboard, 24V power.

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Dirt Late Model Full Motion Simulator

Multi-zoned, LED strips with remote control and music dance option.

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Vending Machine Conversion

Fluorescent to LED conversion coupled with our 110 volt power supply.

8×10 Workshop Lighting

Our customer did not have power to his workshop so they utilized our LED modules paired with a 12 volt car battery to light it up.  The battery is kept charged via a solar panel.